Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Welcome to my informative blog!!

Objectives of the blog are to educate user the definition of genetic engineering, the uses of the technology and the controversial issue that occurred in developing this technology. This blog also emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of Genetic Engineering.
Brief descriptions of the topic are:

The manipulation of an organism genome using biotechnology.

 The uses of Genetic Engineering
·         For medical Purpose
Has being used to treat many diseases(diabetes, vaccination)
·         For agriculture uses
Genetically modified of a crop to adapt with environmental changes.

  Controversy issues
·         Involve animal testing. Been debated by people who are concerning on animal rights.
·         Most of religion agreed modification of human genetic should be banned.
·         Some researchers believe Genetic Engineering may cause cancer or tumour.

·         Help people to gain new knowledge about science.
·         Treat new medicine for chronic disease.
·         Increase the diversity of species.
·         May cause moral issues.
·         May cause mutant of some species.
·         It is a complex research and time consuming.