Thursday, April 4, 2013

Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering

In the context of applications of genetic engineering in human life, misuse of this technology in the production of biological warfare or weapons is a very major disadvantage.Genetic engineering is being used to create human organs but in the long run if it can create genetically modified, perfect human specimens who are better than the creators than this may be disastrous. Nature selection in man and the resulting diversity of the human genetic pool is essential for the survival of the species. Genetic engineering will interfere with this process too causing unknown complications. Last but not the least in this long list of disadvantages of genetic engineering are the ethical and moral objections which religion has to these techniques. For example, the use of stem cells obtained from unborn human fetuses created and destroyed for this very purpose is unethical in the eyes of religions.

It is obvious from the given list of disadvantages of genetic engineering above that there is need to proceed with caution in use and the absolute necessity of creating as well as enforcing ethical legislation to prevent misuse also.
worker say no to Genetic Engineering!

This might be happened.


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