Friday, March 15, 2013

The Purposes of Genetic Engineering

Health products are the highest profited investment that can be made by pharmaceutical companies. Due to competition advantages among the companies, many new medicines are created to be sold and gain more profit. As we can see, before this, diabetics need to take medicine regularly, after insulin has been cultured by genetic engineering, people with diabetes only need to inject the insulin before meals. By taking insulin, it can help to reduce kidney problems because of taking too much pills.
insulin intake

Enough for medicinal information move to genetic engineering for agriculture that helps farmer to produce good product of farm. Scientists in agricultural field are always wanted to generate new products to rejuvenate foods industries. By constructing an innovative cultured cell, the products itself bear to stand in all changes of environment and pests.
fresh fruits and vegetables generated from genetic modified. 
fresh strawberries able to stand from pests attacked.


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