Monday, April 1, 2013

Controversial Issue of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering has always been a controversial topic, but, it seems a relatively recent one.

This approach question using two applications of genetic engineering as lenses: genetically modified food and other living organisms. Organizations such as Greenpeace are vehemently against the use of genetically modified organisms for two reasons. First, they fear that the genetically modified organisms will integrate themselves with organic organisms, producing new forms, and thereby permanently changing the environment. They also cite that there is too much unknown about the effects of genetic engineering to safely apply to our food sources. 
Secondly, they fear that production of genetically modified foods is merely a means through which business entities can experiment with and exploit our food supply for profit. However, experiments in 1987 by the Committee of the National Academy of Sciences have already concluded that genetically modified food posed no risk of damage to the environment. These experiments on tobacco and tomato were preceded by the engineering of bacteria to create insulin and interferon in the 1970's.

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