Monday, March 4, 2013

Objectives & Definition of Genetic Engineering

The objectives of this blog is to educate user of genetic engineering engineering, the uses of the technology and the controversial issue that occurred in developing this technology. This blog also emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of Genetic Engineering.

Basically, human wants to create something perfect for a better life. This is why scientists generated ‘Genetic Engineering’ or Genetic Modified. For complex explanation DNA are prepared outside of the host of one’s gene, the cell is removing from its thread, the gene are combined and hybridized to the host again. Eventually, a new combination of genome resulted. In simple words, genetic engineering is transferring a cell of one’s DNA to another to develop a new kind of species. Example of Genetic engineering is producing of human insulin. Many researches had been made to incline the result of genetic modified.

this documentary show processes involve in genetic engineering. it also attractive and easy to be understood.

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